Re: HS Trident

Date:         16 Jun 97 21:35:38 
From:         Mihir Pramod Shah <>
Organization: Virginia Tech
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Dimitrios Tombros wrote:
> Are there any HS Tridents still flying (airliner or military)? Why did
> this aircraft which was so similar to B727 have so little success? Was
> it some kind of construction or operational problem or just bad
> marketing?

As was the case with many British-built airliners, the Trident was
pretty much custom-built for British European Airways (BEA, which later
merged with BOAC to become British Airways).  Thus, since the aircraft
was basically built exclusively to BEA's specifications and needs, other
airlines did not find the Trident attractive if their needs were
siginificantly different.  The Vickers VC-10 seemed to suffer the same
problem, although they did fly with a few other carriers like East
African Airways (but of course, they too were established by the British
in 1946). The BAC-111 did have a little more success, with operators
such as American and Allegheny (later US Air(ways)).

Beyond that, there may be other technical and operational problems with
the Trident that I am unaware of...Hopefully someone out there can add
to this topic...

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