Re: Static from Cross-feed

Date:         06 Jan 97 01:41:44 
From:         jfmezei <>
Organization: SPC
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Bilal Yousuf wrote:
> B) The B747 can be ground conditioned, but if ground AC is not available the
> APU is used to drive the aircraft airconditioning system, which does create
> a lot of heat in the area fwd and under the wing.

When a plane is at a gate, I assume those yellow/orange flexible pipes
are the ones used to supply air to the plane. But I would also assume
that electrical power is also supplied from the ground so that the
aircraft need not rely on its APU. Is this a correct assumption ?

So, if the airport does not supply forced air, wouldn't the aircraft at
least use ground electrical power to run its fans and airconditioners ?

Furthermore, I am somewhat puzzled at the though that the air
conditioners under the fuel tanks would have caused the tanks to heat up
so much.

Where/how do air conditioning units on an aircraft dump their excess
heat ?
(at ground and during flight). Do they just dump in in the cargo hold ?