Re: The Threat of Halon

Date:         16 Jun 97 21:35:37 
From:         Stuart Feigin <>
Organization: Oracle Corp.
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jfmezei wrote:
> Considering the lifetime of an aircraft, it would be interesting to see
> if the aircraft manufacturers are assuming a sufficient 30 year supply
> of Halon and designing fire suppression solely for Halon, or if they are
> designing it in such a way that it could be switched to an alternative
> product which may require a larger tank or different nozzles etc.

Those of us in the data processing business who have Halon-protected
computer rooms are eager to sell our Halon if and when the price is
right.  It will pay for the conversion of a lot of buildings to modern,
ozone-safe systems.  That is an enormous reservoir of Halon for years to
come. I tried desperately to avoid putting in a large Halon system in
1989, knowing that it was about to be illegal, but the local building
authorities demanded it. We must have about $50-75,000 invested in the
gas in just one of our data centers.

I think the aviation industry will run out of Halon equipped aircraft
before we run out of Halon.  Presuming there is no fire, I think the
stuff is indestructible.
Stuart Feigin
Oracle Corp.
Truckee, CA USA

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