Re: Convair 990's

Date:         16 Jun 97 21:35:36 
From: (WirbelW)
Organization: AOL
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I will never forget one of my first jet airliner flights, which took place
on one of Varig's 990 ?"Coronado's"?--what a pleasant experience; you felt
as if you were on a space ship more than an airliner, what with those
streamlined upper wing shock bodies/fuel tanks and the awesome
acceleration and speed.

We cruised in air conditioned comfort out over the turqoise waters of the
Bahamas and on down toward the northern coast of South America as we
munched on prosciutto and melon and I marveled at the musicality and
beauty of the Brasilian-Portuguese language....aaahhhh 1968 it was...

Sorry; don't know the whereabouts of any retired Coronados, but thanks for
triggering the memories!