Re: Convair 990's

Date:         16 Jun 97 21:35:36 
From:         "Dennis L. Murphy" <>
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Peter & James Liddell wrote:
>         There are huge numbers of ex TWA 880s at Mojave, and
> there's the cickey international 990 in tuscon as well as several
> ex Spantax 990s at Palorma, in the Ballerics, and a 880 with no
> amrking at some runway in the western desert. (It's somewhere
> north of Albequerque)

The aircraft that looks like a Convair 880 that is located in the
Albuquerque, NM area is not a Convair 880.  It looks like one, but it
isn't!  It is a prototype Douglas aircraft that never made it into
production.  I don't remember all of the details on it, but it wasn't as
large as the 880's, but it had a very similar design.

Dennis Murphy