Re: Crash survivability and seat position

Date:         10 Jun 97 00:35:02 
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Statistics suggest that there is no "safest" place to sit for crash
survivability...however, many of us, in the cabin safety business,
like to sit over the wings.  Generally a seat in the middle, near the
aisle gives you good access to several over wing exits and a shot at
the aisle for the other doors as well.  The fuselage is stronger at
the wing and so may provide some additional protection...on the other
hand...there's lots of fuel there as well, and the exits are probably

'Nother point...there are so few air carrier accidents that statistics
are unreliable for the purpose to which the above puts them...

Passengers who survive are most often those who are familiar with
their suroundings, prepared for the evacuation, and not subjected to
significant trauma (blunt force) during the crash sequence.  Paying
attention to the safety briefings, knowing about safety equipment, and
being prepared to take action when necessary are the key ingredients
for survival....IMHO!