Re: Missed plane crash....

Date:         10 Jun 97 00:35:02 
From: (Conly  David)
Organization: University of Colorado at Boulder
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Michelle Bork (mbork@redwood.DN.HAC.COM) wrote:
: (For those of you who haven't seen any of my posts in the past,
: I have a morbid fascination with plane crashes.)

: Yesterday, June 1st, I was observing Air Show Colorado from
: the balcony of my apartment via binoculars.  Air Show Colorado
: was taking place at Jefferson County Airport ...

Hey Michelle,

	I don't think that missing the crash should really make you that
depressed.  I was at the actual airshow (taking a break from my volunteer
job of flagman for parking) when the crash occured.  I saw the plan go
into the loop and then disappear out of sight under Jeffco (the airport is
somewhat on a hill).  The next thing that I saw was a fireball.  In the
movies, fireballs are second nature, but when you witness it first hand it
really hits home.  As an airline pilot hopeful, this crash will stay in my
memory for the rest of my life.  It really hit the bottom of my heart.  We
lost a fellow pilot to a horrible crash.  I think that not seeing the
crash should be though of as a blessing.  That fireball will always be
with me.


P.S.  At least the pilot died doing something that he loved.  I wish that
we could all go that way!

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