Re:American 737-200s

Date:         10 Jun 97 00:35:00 
From:         "Brian Maddison" <BMADDISO@BCSC02.GOV.BC.CA>
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In article <airliners.1997.1160@ohare.Chicago.COM> D Snow <> writes:

>>Hey there can anyone out there tell me what ever happen to the 737-200's
>>that American inherited from AirCal and retired.

> To my knowledge they are at Southwest, well some at least.

Southwest only has the ex-AirCal 737-300s. Some were acquired direct from
American, others came with the Morris Air takeover.

They never owned the 200s, altho I do believe one or two were leased for
a short time. Most of the American-owned 200s (N-numbers with AC suffix)
went to the Kansas City incarnation of Braniff and have since wound up
with various operators, including Viscount. I don't know where the leased
ones (GB suffix) went and I can't find them in any current US fleet.


Brian Maddison