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Date:         10 Jun 97 00:35:00 
From:         "Marc Schaeffer" <>
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Niels Sampath wrote:

> won't the new A340-500 have a new wing?...hence new wing for 330HGW.

> If the A340 new wing is designed for 4-engines-only then that would
>be a prob....does anyone know?

>From what I read in several places the new A340-500 wing will be a

*zoomed* version of the actual one, mainly to save development cost. So
it does not look like the cruising speed is going to be increased. If
this information will proove correct, I think Airbus makes a mistake. I
believe that new tools are anyhow needed to assemble the new wing. This
lets me ask the question of what are the ratios of development cost vs.
tool costs for a new wing :

a) in general, starting with a blank piece of paper

b) in this special case (A340-500 and -600)

> As for landing gear, just tack on the centre A340
>section/gear/system as far as I can see.  You would have A330s
>with/without the centre gear just like DC-10-30s  and 10-10s.


I have another discussion point related to the fuel capacity for the

The A330-300 has a maximum fuel capacity of 97530 l, the A330-200 of
139500 l, the A340-200 of 155400 l and the A340-300 of 148700 l. (Source
Aero intl.)

1) What fuel capacity will the new A330-300HGW have ?

2) If it will get the fuel capacity of the A330-200, the payload will be
restricted since the MTOW for the A330 is 230 t and 275 t for the A340.
Can this be overcome by adding the centre A340 section/gear/system or
are there other changes which would have to be done?

Note that the A330-300HGW like I described would be nearly a replacement
for the A340-300E, this can't be the aim.


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