Re: Replacement for Halon fire extinguishant

Date:         10 Jun 97 00:34:59 
From: (Donald Mamula)
Organization: Institute for Advanced Thought
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Seth Dillon <> wrote:
>> > writes:
>> > >Can anyone update me with the latest status of an approved alternative to
>> > >Halon for engine fire extinguishers? e.g. is there a planned date for an
>> > >FAA approval?
>If I remember correctly I read a small article this past week in
>"Aviation Daily" that Halon had been reapproved for fire extinguishing
>applications by the US EPA

A recent Tech Report from the FAA CRADA folks in Atlantic City had a
multi-page report on the approval process that a halon replacement had
gone through.  I believe I still have it at the office - if so, I'll
post details tomorrow.  It should also be available from the Atlantic
City office of the FAA.

Donald Mamula    Kirkland WA
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