Re: Perhaps a silly question (DC-9 barrel roll)

Date:         04 Jun 97 13:04:00 
From:         "John Arsenault" <>
Organization: Dell Computer Corporation
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> 	I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me here.  On a
> recent flight a friend and I were musing on whether a commercial jet (In
> this case it was a DC9) could handle a barrel roll. Now I know there are
> all sorts of factors to consider like at what speed, and perhaps how fast
> the roll itself was executed, but I would appreciate any input anyone
> might have.

A Boeing test pilot ( Tex Johnson ?) rolled the first 707 over Puget Sound
in front of a crowd assembled to see the flight. It was not a company
approved manuever and I believe he was fired. I recall seeing a video on
the TV show WINGS.

There was an incident over 15 years ago where a flight crew had
inadvertantly rolled a 727. I don't recall all the details but the crew had
deployed a unit of flaps while in cruise ( to achieve faster cruise speeds,
I think) and one side failed to extend. The flight crew recovered and  the
rest was uneventful. I believe Boeing provided a mod to prevent this type
of activity.

If executed correctly you probably could barrel roll any commercial
jetliner since it only puts 1 G on the aircraft. Somebody correct me if I'm