Re: Perhaps a silly question (DC-9 barrel roll)

Date:         04 Jun 97 13:03:59 
From:         D Snow <>
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Legally, no way.  The fuel boost pumps in commercial aircraft are not
designed for inverted flight, and a flameout wouldnt be a good idea.
Plus, one cant intentionally exceed 60 degrees of bank unless all
occupants are equipped with a parachute.

Aerodynamically, its possible.  Remember that the legendary Boeing test
pilot tex Johnston (I believe) rolled the original B707 over a boat race
up in SEA a long time ago.  He did a very smooth roll, and the aircraft
handled it just fine.

Most electric jets, such as the B757 and its kind wont let the crew get
into such a flight mode.

Douglas Snow                       (SBNOOU2)