Re: Ethiopian crash, Gimli, RAT and FLAPS

Date:         06 Jan 97 01:41:43 
From: (Robert Dorsett)
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In article <airliners.1997.114@ohare.Chicago.COM> "Andre Neves" <> writes:
>I've been reading all comments about these issues in the newsgroup
>but have NOT yet acquired any certainty about RAT alone being or not
>able to deploy flaps or/and slats, them being essential to a safe landing!

That is a flawed assumption.  Flaps-up landings are an abnormal procedure,
not an emergency.  It is a reduction of the safety margin, not an elimination
of the safety margin.

>Can somebody that knows this issue in depth tell me about it!
>(The 767 of Air Canada had a huge amount of time running on
>the RAT to be able to deploy them, even slowly. If they didn't
>it seems to me it is really unsufficient the certification standard,
>they should be able in 10/15 minutes to deploy them).

The design of the hydrualic system is such that the slats and flaps will
not be deployed as a result of RAT pressure, as someone else has already

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