Re: Boeing 777 - Totally Irresponsible?

Date:         05 Jan 97 03:22:37 
From: (brian whatcott)
Organization: Zip News
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In article <airliners.1997.94@ohare.Chicago.COM>, says...
>A few more comments on the "unreliability" of a "million lines of code"
>A single program with a million lines of code will be more prone to
>errors than 100 programs with a thousand lines of codes each.
>If your software runs on a proven operating system, or on different
>computers, modules are not likely to pollute other modules with memory
>leaks etc. So you are looking at certifying separate smaller modules
>instead of one huge module. The odds of errors in smaller modules is
> much smaller than in a larger module.

So I suppose what he MEANT to say was
 "A program with 100,000 lines will be more prone to fail than
a thousand programs of a thousand lines each."

That amounts to a kind of software error, I suppose.
And Karl's response, in not catching this error, amounts to
ANOTHER software error.

Gentlemen: this is not too promising!   :)

brian whatcott <>
Altus OK