Re: 757 Engine noise over LA

Date:         04 Jun 97 13:03:56 
From:         John Vincent Lombardi <>
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The standard initial departure from LAX westbound is a climb to 2000' on
a 250 degree heading. Sometimes the tower will lift the level off
altitude to 3000' when issuing takeoff clearance. Chances are that
further climb clearance will be issued before having to level (by
departure control), but sometimes a sharp power reduction is necessary to
level and keep airspeed under control.

There are no noise problems departing to the west and therefore no noise
abatement procedures. I believe there is a VFR corridor through the Class
B Airspace (TCA) just off the shoreline. This necessitates the relatively
low initial climb clearance.

Hope this answers your question.

John Lombardi (UAL Capt)

John Lombardi