Re: TWA 800 technical question.

Date:         04 Jun 97 13:03:55 
From:         "Leo Kok" <>
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>> Neither -- the fuel tanks are essentially unpressurized.  They must be
>> able to withstand some pressure differential, but they are vented to
>> the outside and thus any pressurization would be minor and temporary.
>> Cargo holds are part of the pressure vessel and are pressurized to the
>> same pressure as the main cabin.

Although the fuel tanks are unpressurized they are subject to fuel loads.
Design cases for the fuel tanks are normally those due to the forces
under crash conditions (FAR 25.561)

Rapid decompression from the passenger cabin to the centre wing tank could also
be designing part of the structure.  In that case a differential pressure of
some 8 psi(FAR 25.965 minimum is 3.5 psi).

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