Re: Boeing 777 - Totally Irresponsible?

Date:         05 Jan 97 03:22:37 
From:         "Peter Ashwood-Smith" <>
Organization: Bell-Northern Research Canada
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>Five years from now, the 777's systems will look "OLD and ANTIQUATED",
>just as the 767's systems are no longer state of the art and DC9 systems
>are fit for museums.

    Depends on how you define state of the art. If your objective is
to optimize safety there are some that would argue that automation is
not necessarily making things safer. What it is doing is making things
cheaper and lighter.

>The Airbus and 777 systems are "revolutionary" only in being the first
>generations where plane systems start to talk/monitor each other to have
>a more complete view of what is going on (as opposed to portions
>operating totally independantly from each other with only the pilot to
>monitor what is really going on).

    What bothers me is not having a FBW. Flight management however
when taken to the extremes of Airbus where it not only manages it
enforces I find it very disturbing. Since it is very difficult if not
impossible to get all of the conditions correct in the software it
would seem prudent to simply advise the pilot instead of limiting
his actions.

    I also find the lack of feedback in Airbus systems to be a
poor design choice. So much useful information can be obtained
by the feel of the controls the only reason I can think of for
eliminating it is weight/cost savings.


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