Re: Why a new super-jumbo isn't going to be built anytime soon.

Date:         04 Jun 97 01:45:42 
From: (Gregory Glockner)
Organization: Georgia Institute of Technology
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Eric Peeters <> writes:

>Don't forget that they may not need an A3XX or a B747 now, but their
>international hubs in the Philippines and France are barely starting
>operations (up until recently, FedEx didn't provide intra-European
>service) and by the time they're running at full speed, they might
>need aircraft bigger than a MD-11 to move their packages between
>Memphis and those two hubs.

But besides routes between their big hubs, does FedEx really have a
use for a super-jumbo?  At best, this represents maybe 10 A/C.  Given
the development costs, it might be cheaper to run double runs of
current planes (principally MD-11's).
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