Re: Why a new super-jumbo isn't going to be built anytime soon.

Date:         04 Jun 97 01:45:42 
From:         Mark Andrew Spence <>
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Eric Peeters wrote:

> FedEx was and still is the first airline committed to the A3XX, so
> much in fact they hosted several conferences for potential buyers in
> order to drum up support for the aircraft. Once the aicraft is finally
> launched, I wouldn't be surprized if FedEx was the launch customer.
> They expect to order about 5 of the type, if I remember well...

The development cost for this aicraft is supposed to be around
$15-billion. What is the projected selling price for othe A3XX, and how
many would Airbus need to sell just to break even? Also, has Airbus
officially given this project the go-ahead?