Re: Boeing 767-400

Date:         01 Jan 97 20:59:22 
From: (Helen Trillian Rose)
Organization: Kapor Enterprises, Inc.
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KLS> == Karl Swartz <kls@ohare.Chicago.COM>

 >> If Boeing is to produce a new version of the 767, would it retain the
 >> conventional 767 controls or migrate to the 777 style of controls ?

 KLS> I'd be very surprised if it did not retain the controls of the
 KLS> 767-300 more or less intact.

Never mind that, but I imagine that cockpit commonality with DL's existing
757/767-200/767-300 fleet is a BIG selling point.

Seat-wise, the 767-400 would be a perfect fit for DL. The Tristar
replacement they've always wanted.....