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Date:         04 Jun 97 01:45:42 
From:         "Kathy & Dan Lawler" <>
Organization: HookUp Communication Corporation, Vancouver, BC, CANADA
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Karl Swartz <kls@ohare.Chicago.COM> wrote in article
> >It is mind boggling that the 747 has achieved the level of fame that
> >would allow its silhouette to be trademarked/servicemarked. Anyone know
> >any more about this?
> It may also be an attempt by Boeing to, in effect, extend their patent
> on the design, which would have expired long ago.  The patentable idea
> was, I assume, moving the cockpit up above the main cabin deck to
> allow unobstructed cargo access all the way to the nose (and through
> the nose in the freighter versions).

I'd be very surprised if the cockpit being raised above the main deck to
avoid obstructing it would be a patentable feature.  I think there were
both British and American designs in production shortly after the war that
featured this arrangement, e.g Bristol Freighter.  Also the C-5 uses the
same arrangement, it was a contemporary of the 747 so if that was patented
by Boeing then Lockheed would have been infringing.

The trademark is more likely an attempt to protect a design that couldn't
be patented, although a trademark is not as strong a protection as a
patent... or do you have a reference to patent number for this feature?
I'd be interested in reading it.