The Threat of Halon

Date:         04 Jun 97 01:45:41 
From:         "Chan" <>
Organization: Damage Inc.,
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I don't see the urgency of replacing Halon (i.e Chlor) by any other media.
So far, Halon is the most effective to extinguish  three type of fire,
the money spent for research of Halon replacement, comparing with other
Chlor usage than fire bottle, it's not worth.  India, China and other
countries still using Chlor, in very hugh amount for any other purposes
(air cond., hair spray, paper whitening, etc.).  On the other hand, I
guess chances of having engine or cargo fire, then airplanes crash due to
non fire causes, is very much less.  Concern about Halon is good, but it
is very insignificant (Halon each  fire bottle is less than 90 lbs).
Comparing with other Chlor usage  with the Halon, is just like putting
some salt into the sea.

Any comments...?