Re: Boeing 777 - Totally Irresponsible?

Date:         05 Jan 97 03:22:36 
From: (Merlin Dorfman)
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Bill Chivers ( wrote:

: >See, it's called redundancy.  Most of the time there are at least 3, usually
: >4 or more, systems for each task.  And on critical cases different software

: Whereas Airbus employ code written by different teams, and it could
: therefore be argued that the chances of total failure are less, because
: a combination of inputs which will simultaneously crash *different* sets
: of software should be vanishingly unlikely.

: The counter argument is that different software teams still come from
: the same industry, with the same way of thinking, working from the same
: specification, and are therefore likely to make similar mistakes.

     This subject has been discussed on, among
other places, and while there is not unanimity, the general feeling in
the software profession is that the effort is better spent in making one
program as good as possible than in making several different versions,
i.e., for a given number of labor hours or dollars, the most reliable
software results from making one "version" of the software as good as
                                      Merlin Dorfman