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Date:         04 Jun 97 01:45:41 
From:         "Chan" <>
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Pete Mellor <> wrote in article
> (C. Marin Faure) wrote on Sun May 18 00:02:24 1997:-
> > If the A330 wants to compete with the 777 it's going to need a new wing.
> On my last flight on an A330, I sat in the jump seat for
> a while. The captain said that in his opinion the A330 wing
> was brilliant, and the most advanced thing since sliced bread.
> Any comments?

Yes and No..

I ever read a book, the wing design (this static component) is the most
important when designing aircraft. Airbus may sub-contracted  it's Landing
Gear to Messier, but not for the wing. Once Airbus sub-cont. it's A330
wing to Japan, next we'll see made-in-Japan version of A330.  From what
I've heard from a pilot who flies both A330and B747-400, B747-400 still
more marvelous to fly than A330. The triple slotted flap of B744 does a
wonderful job, especially when it's landing. I ever read actually Boeing
can reduce it's B744 flap (say become double slotted, instead of triple),
which will save weight a few thousand pounds. But they didn't do it because
their high requirement of stall-speed factor-safety.

This A330 wing has  winglets for mainly reducing drag at alow speed, which
i don't see it at B777.
I don't know why....? (pls inform me if you know..)

Chandra (