Re: Why a new super-jumbo isn't going to be built anytime soon.

Date:         23 May 97 09:03:32 
From:         Eric Peeters <>
Organization: LH BRU
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On 30 Apr 97 03:19:11 , (dg huffer)

>In article <5j8d0h$>,
>Eric Peeters  <> wrote:
>>Airlines such as the one I work for (Lufthansa), BA and FedEx have made it
>>clear they'll need some very large aircraft. I think at least 20 aircraft
>>could be sold between the three airlines and selling the 20 others
>>shouldn't be a problem.
>I'd seriously doubt that FedEx would ever go for a "super-jumbo".  They'd
>much rather run two large planes then a single jumbo.  They're no longer
>using they're 747, and will primarily be buying DC-10s and Airbuses over
>the next several years.  Major factors in this include:

I know it may seem strange shortly after FedEx leased/sold (whichever
it is) its last 747 to Atlas, but I'm 101% sure on this.

FedEx was and still is the first airline committed to the A3XX, so
much in fact they hosted several conferences for potential buyers in
order to drum up support for the aircraft. Once the aicraft is finally
launched, I wouldn't be surprized if FedEx was the launch customer.
They expect to order about 5 of the type, if I remember well...

Don't forget that they may not need an A3XX or a B747 now, but their
international hubs in the Philippines and France are barely starting
operations (up until recently, FedEx didn't provide intra-European
service) and by the time they're running at full speed, they might
need aircraft bigger than a MD-11 to move their packages between
Memphis and those two hubs.

Eric Peeters
Lufthansa Brussels
(not acting on Lufthansa's behalf or with its knowledge)