Re: Materials testing

Date:         23 May 97 09:03:32 
From: (AirBearZln)
Organization: AOL
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Negative Negative Negative.  Happens all the time, especially to bikers.
I have a few ounces of stainless in me as well, but as of yet seems to be
enduring.  Titanium seems to be the preferred insert material these days,
good fatigue strength and very good corrosion resistance.  The stainless
steels are subject in some circumstances to intergranular corrosion, which
of course greatly accelerates the fatigue problem.  Best source of basic
data re aerospace materials is Mil Handbook 5, which all aero engineers
have several copies of.  Published byDOD, try Naval Publications and Forms
Center, 5801 Tabor, Philly 19120.  This adress may be obsolete, Ive been
retired for a while.  Also, Handbook on structural Testing, published by
the Society for Experimental Mechanics, contains adequate partial
differential equations to cure the worst case of insomnia.  Try Fairmont
Press, in Liburn, GA.  Or, better yet, hire an independant consulting
Engineer who can save you thousands of hours of frustration.  Robin T.
Harrison, P.E.