Re: Delta Air Lines fleet renewal

Date:         23 May 97 09:03:32 
From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
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>> One of the issues affecting the 727 is that there was no natural
>> successor to the aircraft until the 737-800 came along, at least from
>> a US manufacturer.

>Gee, I seem to remember that being the main selling point of the 757
>back in '82 and '83...

Delta's usual mainline configuration has 149 seats on a 727-200, while
their 757s have 182 seats.  While the 757 started off as a replacement
for the 727, 33 more seats puts it in a significantly different market
niche.  The fact that Boeing, under pressure from launch customer
British Airways, arguably made the 757 too big left the opening for
Airbus to produce the A320 and make it the success in the market which
it has become.

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