Re: Cruising speeds - 727, 737, 767, 747

Date:         23 May 97 09:03:30 
From: (Ilkley Bear)
Organization: Edinburgh University
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Tom Atkinson <> writes:

>Hello all,

>Please could somebody enlighten me as to the crusing speeds of these

>727 (200)
>737 (300 or 400)
>747 (200, 300 or 400)

I recently read a lovely book. It might have been called the 'Science of
Flight', but I would have to go back and check. It is a survey of
aerodynamics as applied to aeroplanes, birds, and insects, making as
little distinction between the various forms as possible.

In this book, the comment is made that the 747 cruises at what is,
anyway, the optimum speed for its size. The 737 cruises faster than it
should, because otherwise it would make difficulties for Air Traffic
Control. Any comments?


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