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Date:         23 May 97 09:03:30 
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>It is mind boggling that the 747 has achieved the level of fame that would
>allow its silhouette to be trademarked/servicemarked. Anyone know any more
>about this?

You have to admit that it's quite distinctive, and if you show a bunch
of planes to a random sampling of people and ask them what it is, odds
are the 747 is the only one most will be able to identify.  That sort
of recognition is pretty impressive when surprisingly many people are
hard-pressed to even tell you whether the plane they just got off had
one or two aisles.

It may also be an attempt by Boeing to, in effect, extend their patent
on the design, which would have expired long ago.  The patentable idea
was, I assume, moving the cockpit up above the main cabin deck to
allow unobstructed cargo access all the way to the nose (and through
the nose in the freighter versions).

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