757 Engine noise over LA

Date:         23 May 97 09:03:29 
From:         Ewan Godley <egodley@voyager.co.nz>
Organization: College of Charleston
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I was on a Delta Airlines flight (550) from LAX to Atlanta on the 22nd of
December 1996 (on a 757).  As we took off from LAX with a full load, I
could (obviously) hear the engines at near full (if not full) power.  About
30 seconds after take off, as we crossed the coast line (taking off towards
the west) both engines went suddenly very quiet.  No perceivable noise at
all infact.  A guy sitting behind me (who had previously mentioned he
worked in the aircraft industry), said in a worrying voice "Engine
Failure".   There was a noticble deceleration in speed, but about 10-15
seconds later the engine noise returned to what I would think to be normal.

I though this cut off might be something to do with any noise abatement
rules over the LA area, however, when I took this same flight on March 28
this year, under the same conditions of a loaded 757, there was NO change
in engine noise after take off.

The only differences in the two flights were the courses taken on initial
departure from LAX.  Both were taking off to the west, the 1996 flight
turning 180 degrees and heading back accross the city (after the incident
with the engines), and the March flight heading south towards San Deigo
befor turning inland.

Any ideas what happened on the December flight?

Ewan Godley