Re: Flying in the Jump Seat (was: A319 engines thrust changes during climbing)

Date:         17 May 97 15:15:54 
From:         "Brian A. Reynolds" <>
Organization: Rockwell Collins
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> As for US airlines, I think they are pretty strict, but on one flight
> (don't recall which US airline) I did see one very pretty blonde go up
> into the cockpit during cruise and not come out till after landing. I
> think the rules are different for pretty women! ;-)

Here's the Law (at least in the US :)

FAR 121 (Air Carriers and Commercial Operations of Large Aircraft)
subpart 121.547 Admission to flight deck:
 (a) No person may admit any person to the flight deck of an aircraft
unless the person being admitted is -
	(1) a crewmewmber
	(2) An FAA or NTSB person performing official duties
	(3) An employee of the United States, a certificate holder, or an
aeronautical enterprise who has the permission of the pilot in command,
and whose duties are such that admission to the flight deck is necessary
or advantageous for safe operations; or
	(4) Any person who has the permission of the pilot in command and is
specifically authorized by the certificate holder management and by the
Administrator (i.e. the FAA Director).

121.547(3) allows some discression on the part of a pilot.  However
remember that EVERYTHING said on the flight deck is recorded, and in the
event of an incident, can be used to determine the cause of the
incident.  If the pilot in command has exercised his discression by
allowing someone on the flight deck, and that person causes a
distraction (at the least) which leads to the incident, the pilot in
command will be held responsible.

121.547(4) takes about 5 weeks (but is worth the wait :))) as it winds
its way through officialdom.

Non-US carriers have broader discression.  Presentation of a business
card to the lead flight attendent with a polite request on the back may
assist you in getting into the jump seat for a time.  Sitting in the
flight deck of a DC-10/MD-11/747 while you fly through the tops of
clouds will be somehting you'll remember for a long time.  Sitting on
the flight deck of an A/C while flying over the middle of the Atlantic,
with todays newspapers over the windshield to keep the sun out is not so
exciting. :)