Re: A319 engines thrust changes during climbing

Date:         17 May 97 15:15:54 
From:         Pete Mellor <>
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In response to Dimitrios Tombros's query:
>> How did you manage to ride in the cockpit of a Swissair aircraft for t/o.

Andrew J Braithwaite <abraithw@fordx.xcom> wrote on
Tue Apr 15 11:44:53 1997:-
> It is usually very strict. There are two reasons, first is obvious - the
> risk of hijack. The second is that an unqualified observer in the cockpit
> could distract the crew during a critical phase of flight.
> With U.S. airlines there is absolutely no way that you are allowed in the
> cockpit.
> ...
> With the European airlines ( I am not sure of the regulations outside of
> Europe ) it is at the Captians discretion. However if anything happens,
> even a minor incident, the Captain would have some very serious explaining
> to do. So it is extremely unusual for them to allow it. It may be worth
> asking but don't be insulted when the answer is "No".

I have managed it several times over the past few years (Singapore
Airlines LHR-Singapore 1995; Cathay Pacific between HK and Singapore
both ways in the last two weeks). On no occasion was I given the
impression that this was in any way unusual, and the flight crews
were always very chatty and informative. It was simply a matter of
asking the cabin staff to pass on the request.

On the last two occasions, I would have liked to have sat in for the
landing, but the first time, another passenger had gotten his request
in first, and the second time, the FO was under instruction, and
the captain expressed his regret that in such cases there *are*
rules against spectators in the cockpit during critical phases
(implying that there *aren't* in ordinary circumstances).

I will be posting an account of the most recent visits shortly.

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