Re: Performance data for B-727 -7 Engine

Date:         17 May 97 15:15:52 
From: (JWizardC)
Organization: AOL
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I have a copy of the Performance Engineer's Handbook for -7 and -9's. Is
this what you are looking for? I'm sure there are a pile of legal issues,

In general...

Net corrected (installed) static (takeoff) thrust at sea level standard
day is ~13,750 pounds at 2.00 EPR, with bleeds on (pod engine - center
engine is about 2-3% lower). Wf is about  12,500#/hr.

At 0.90 Mach (slightly above MMO), 1.5 EPR gives ~8,500# max cruise
thrust, at approx 4,600#/hr fuel flow per engine.