Re: Turkey to select aircraft bid this month

Date:         17 May 97 15:15:52 
From: (H Andrew Chuang)
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In article <airliners.1997.1112@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
Marc Schaeffer <> wrote:
>On one of the news-servers I read that Turkey will choose this month 54
>new aicraft. Proposals from Boeing, MDD and Airbus have been made. In
>the third week of May the selection will be made.  The new aircraft
>will replace the B737-400/500 and A310-200/300 fleets. Airbus is
>offering up to 36 A319/320/321 and 18 A330-200/300. Boeing is offering
>the third generation B737 and the B767-300 and (-400 ??). I think MDD
>is only offering the MD90 and MD95, the MD11 just makes no sense.
>I would like to get comments about the following :
>- Will the order be splitted ?

My guess is Airbus will get the THY order.  If the order is split,
Airbus should get the widebody order, and Boeing narrowbody.

>- What is the importance of the MDD proposal ?

It's unlikely that McD will be a factor.

>- Is Boeing offering an exclusive supplier deal ?

No.  At this time, I think exclusive supplier deals will be
limited to big carriers.  There is not much incentive for Boeing to
guarantee prices if the volume of future potential orders is small.
It'll be interesting to see if Boeing will go after some big non-US
airlines (such as BA or JAL) or big non-US carriers will initiate
talks with Boeing for exclusive deals.  It'll also be interesting
to see if EU does make this an issue in its review of the Boeing/McD
merger.  Personally, I think the customers can choose whatever they
want.  EU simply cannot tell AA, DL or any other airlines that they
cannot sign an exclusive agreement with Boeing.  Yes, DL and AA are
big, but the remaining market is still big enough for Airbus and
Boeing to compete.