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Date:         17 May 97 15:15:49 
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>Spoilers do three things during the landing rollout
>Second, spoilers help ensure positive contact of the air/ground safety
>switches. These are important
>switches because on many airplanes, devices such as anti-skid systems and
>thrust reversers are not available until these swithces make contact.

On at least some -- I would have thought many -- aircraft, ground
spoilers are one of those systems which are not available until the
WOW (weight-on-wheels) or other ground sensors determine that the
aircraft is on the ground.  Thus, ground spoilers cannot be part of
the process you describe on aircraft so designed, unless you were
only referring to air spoilers (aka speed brakes).

This was part of the problem which led to the LH 2904 crash, the
A320 at Warsaw.

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