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Date:         17 May 97 15:15:48 
From:         Matthew Willshee <>
Organization: University of Cambridge, England
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On 9 May 1997, dzul wrote:

><snip air v. wheel brakes arguments>
> if the wheel brakes gets too hot (if u do not use the reverse thrust), u need
> a lot of time to cool them off.

UK Channel Four television screened "21st Century Aircraft", a series
which followed the certification of the 777 late last summer.  I should
think something similar was shown in most other places.

One bit I found especially interesting was a part of the flight test
programme that involved braking from V1 (I think) to a standstill using
wheel brakes with the engines at full power.  There was a minimum time
limit that the plane then had to stand (the brakes glowing red hot)
without the undercarriage catching fire.

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