The ultimate in cockpit resource management in the A340

Date:         09 May 97 03:29:02 
From:         Pete Mellor <>
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The captains' fists are flying at 11,000ft

Two Turkish pilots undid their seatbelts and fought in the
cockpit after falling out over what height they should be
flying at. An autopilot maintained the jet, carrying 240
passengers, at 11,000ft.

The clash occurred when Captain Altan Tezcan misunderstood
altitude instructions from the control tower 45 minutes after
the Airbus 340 took off from Bangkok. As the passengers settled
down, Captain Erdogan Gecim asked him: "Are you deaf? He is telling
you something and you are doing something completely different."

The rest of the flight crew had to intervene to restore order and
a third, more junior pilot completed the flight to Istanbul.

Turkish Airlines said yesterday that it had sacked the pair
immediately after the incident on April 4. "Their contracts have
been annulled," said an airline spokesman.


The story is taken, verbatim and without permission, from p14 of
The Times, Tuesday May 6th 1997. Source is Reuter in Istanbul.
(The same story was included in one of the late night news
bulletins on BBC Radio 4 last night.)

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