Re: Mid-air collision over Charki Dadri

Date:         09 May 97 03:29:02 
From: (Michael Baldamus)
Organization: Technical University of Berlin, Germany
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Michael Baldamus ( wrote:
: Marc SCHAEFFER ( wrote:
: : Are there already any conclusions of the 12-Nov-96 Mid-air collision
: : between the Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 747-168B and the Air Kazakstan
: : Ilyushin 76TD over Charki Dadri(India) ?

: I would like to follow up on this question. [...]

As I have now found out via Dejanews, it seems that a Reuters news
dispatch of November 23, 1996 gives some information on the possible
cause. The baseline is that Kazakh investigators accused the Saudi
aircrew of flying too high, and that Saudi airline officials denounced
that. The dispatch says the Kazakh investigators based their claim
on the flight recorder of the Ilyushin 76TD: It had been just below
15000 feet when the collision occured, and 15000 feet was the altitude
assigned to it by the Indian controllers.

Conversely, Dejanews contained another article from April where Saudi
officials are quoted as saying a blunder by the Kazakhi crew and
overworked Indian controllers caused the collision.

Any comments, anyone? Has there already been any official report?

Michael Baldamus
computer science department
Berlin University of Technology