Re: FMS Approach?

Date:         09 May 97 03:29:02 
From: (Larry Stone)
Organization: InterServe Communications, Inc.
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In article <airliners.1997.1052@ohare.Chicago.COM>, "Mark E. Ingram"
<> wrote:

>On 23 Apr 1997, Larry Nebron wrote:
>> What is an FMS Approach?  For SFO it is not published in the Jep or NOS.
>Larry, I'm not sure that any *approaches* are designated specifically as
>FMS (Flight Management System), even though both precision (ILS) and non-
>precision approaches might be *flown* using FMS (but I could certainly be
>wrong about this).

There is an FMS *approach* to SFO (from the east to 28R) but I beleive
it's a visual and essentially a cousin of a charted visual. It's not
publicly published. The approach fix I always hear mentioned is ARCHI (not
sure of the spelling).

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