Re: Delta Air Lines fleet renewal

Date:         09 May 97 03:29:01 
From:         "Joey" <>
Organization: Macrohard Inc.
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Steve Lacker <> wrote...
> I found his comment interesting and unusual- the history of most other
> airliners is that when they reach the age of the 727, you find MORE of
> them in passenger service OUTSIDE the US than inside (take the 707 for
> example). With the 727 however, several American carriers are
> tenaciously hanging on to them (Delta, UA, TWA, and to a much lesser
> degree AA). Presumably, they plan to get every ounce of life out of them
> that they can. Is that simply a matter of timing? Have the impending
> Stage III restrictions so drastically lowered the resale value of 727's
> that it is more economical to fly them to the end of life rather than
> sell them off with fewer hours/cycles on the airframes? Or is it that
> the fact that the 727 (especially the -200 Advanced models which are the
> ones still in service) is still economically competitive with newer
> airliners? I know that most pilots I've talked to really like the 727,
> but I doubt that pilot preference figures heavily into an airline's
> economic decisions :-)

I remember Bob Crandall (the American guy) talking about why he kept the
727 even when AA got its MD-80s. Supposedly, the 727-200 was more efficent
in the long run than two 737s, and cost only half as much. Unfortunately,
the 727s are starting to wear down, partially explaining AA's Boeing deal.