Re: Delta's engine selections

Date:         09 May 97 03:29:01 
From:         "McElravy" <>
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> Just to add another tidbit: NW almost helped the launch of the MD95.
> NW insisted on the PW6000 for the powerplant.  Somehow, MD/NW/P&W
> couldn't reach to an agreement, and NW lost interest in the MD95.

I never heard that, but it is interesting nonetheless. I am working on a
project outlining what I personally think various airlines should do with
their fleets (number intensive stuff). One of my variables in the NW (with
US the main airline in the project) outline was the MD-95. How did
MD/NW/P&W agree to disagree?  The MD-95 is up that well known tributary
without proper means of conveyance. NW is the largest DC-9 operator (139
from the source in front of me) and will, whether they like it or not, have
to replace them sooner or later. The MD-95 would offer some airframe
commonality (how much?) and I'm sure Douglas could offer good delivery. As
it is Airbus will probably get a big A319 order in a few months. What
happened? Is it too late?

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