Re: A330-300HGW

Date:         09 May 97 03:29:01 
From: (H Andrew Chuang)
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In article <airliners.1997.1038@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
Roger Chung-Wee <> wrote:
>I hear that Airbus will be offering a higher gross weight version of
>the A330-300 to provide more competition for the 777-200IGW.

The A330-300HGW will not be competing with the B777-200IGW.  The
latter has a range of over 7,200nm, a good 1,700nm longer range than
the new A330 variant.  The B777-200IGW is a direct competitor of the
A340-300E.  The A330-300HGW is aiming at European customers who may
use the aircraft on Europe-Asia runs.  Come to think of it, this move
may be targeting SAS.

Since the launch of the B777, Airbus had netted around 10 A330 orders.
(In late 1990, the A330 order book stood at 127.  The latest Airbus
figure shows 172 A330s ordered with 41 being the A330-200.)  The
-300 desperately needs new customers, I don't think the HGW will
do much to help its sagging order book.