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Date:         09 May 97 03:29:00 
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On 1997 0-04-30 said:
 th>I noticed when I landed at Kai Tak in a CX B747-400 that the pilot
 th>used the thrust reversers to slow down the aircraft.
 th>When continuing with CX to Frankfurt the same aircraft this time
 th>only used air brakes (and probably wheel brakes) in order to slow

By "air brakes" I assume you mean the spoilers.  Definately the CX flight
used the "wheel brakes".  The civilian rules for landing a transport
category aircraft are; 1) Cross the Threshold at 50 feet
                       2) Come to a stop using brakes only and
                       3) only use 60 percent of the landing distance

 th>I believe that the thrust reversers were utilized in Kai Tak due
 th>to the relatively short runway while Frankfurt's runway is
 th>long enough for just air braking.

Perhaps  at Kai Tak
the Captian wanted to get off the runway quickly and allow others to
land.  Thrust reversers allow the aircraft to stop quickly without
overheating the brakes.  I saw a Boeing video of a 747 with the brakes on
 fire. This was a test of the stoping capability of the beakes on the 747.
The exercise became a test of the brakes burning for 90 seconds without
spreading to the rest of the aircraft.
I guess Frankurt isn't as busy as Hong Kong and allows the aircraft to
coast to the end of the runway. Or your aircraft was very light. ;-)

Jim Cameron
Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, Canada

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