Re: Braking

Date:         09 May 97 03:29:00 
From: (Thomas O'Toole)
Organization: Av8r Images
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On 30 Apr 97 03:19:10 , "Thomas.Enblom"
<> wrote:

>I noticed when I landed at Kai Tak in a CX B747-400 that the pilot
>used the thrust reversers to slow down the aircraft.
>When continuing with CX to Frankfurt the same aircraft this time only
>used air brakes (and probably wheel brakes) in order to slow down.

I would imagine that air braking is more gentle to the
aircraft superstructure. That's why it is used whenever

>I wonder what parts of the aircraft suffer most stress
>when using the thrust reversers?

Actually the area that suffers the most stress when in reverse would
be the engines.  Instead of spooling the engines back up and risking
possible injection of FOD, if it can be avoided pilot's like to use as
little reverse thrust as possible.  BUT...the stress on the engines is
negligible compared to the cost of brake wear so chances are in
Frankfurt they popped the boards and if the runway was long enough,
barely brought the engines into reverse and used the wheel brakes at
the end of the rollout.