Why "IGW" instead of "ER", and other question about 777's...

Date:         09 May 97 03:29:00 
From:         "Marc Schaeffer" <marcmsc@hotmail.com>
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In article <airliners.1997.1045@ohare.Chicago.COM> Roger Chung-Wee wrote :
> I would be amazed if the 777-300X will have so much range because
> Boeing would be shooting itself in the foot.  I understand that
> Boeing makes about $30m on each (expensive) 747-400, so why should
> it encourage airlines to go for a much cheaper option?

Just to put things right, on the Boeing website the following '97 list prices
are shown :
B747-400 156 to 174 M$
B777-300 149 to 171 M$
The price difference between a B777-200 and -200 IGW is 7M$.
This would result in a '97 list price for the B777-300X of 156 to 178 M$,
nearly the same price as for a B747-400. I think that Boeing can make 30M$
on this new bird, if it's going to be built one day ....


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