stowaway in 747 wheel well - India/London

Date:         30 Apr 97 03:19:11 
From: (Martin Fiddler)
Organization: Staffs University, UK
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It was on the news today that an imigration hearing will take place in
London.  It is to discuss someone who travelled from India to London in
the wheel well of a 747.   His friend who was with him died from
hypothermia. He fell out, I guess as the landing gear was lowered for
landing.  It raises several questions:-

I'm surprised that there's room in a wheel well once the wheels are
retracted for two men?  I guess they'd need to know exactly where to hide?

I can't imagine that the wheel well is pressurised - how would they survive
about nine hours at fl350 and above?

What would the temperature drop to:  about -50 deg C?

Have there been any other successful stowaways where the person hid in a
wheel well?  If they can get access there, I'd have thought they could
also get access to the warm, pressurised cargo hold.