Date:         30 Apr 97 03:19:10 
From:         "Thomas.Enblom" <>
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I noticed when I landed at Kai Tak in a CX B747-400 that the pilot
used the thrust reversers to slow down the aircraft.

When continuing with CX to Frankfurt the same aircraft this time only
used air brakes (and probably wheel brakes) in order to slow down.

I believe that the thrust reversers were utilized in Kai Tak due
to the relatively short runway while Frankfurt's runway is
long enough for just air braking.

I would imagine that air braking is more gentle to the
aircraft superstructure. That's why it is used whenever

I wonder what parts of the aircraft suffer most stress
when using the thrust reversers?

Are there other rules except for runway length that decides which
braking technique to use?

How much runway length is needed for an air braking B747-400 compared
to using thrust reversers?