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Date:         30 Apr 97 03:19:10 
From:         "Svein-Harald Jensen" <>
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BAEJS3201 <> wrote in article
> Yesterday I was flying home from DFW on American Airlines. I was seat at
> the wings leading edge of a MD83. I was looking out the window and noticed
> a placard that was about 1 foot any from the owerwing exit non-skid. It
> looked like a Delta wing shape and was striped. Does anyone know what is
> placard is for.

The placard (or actually painted) is an aftermath from the SAS MD80 that
lost power on both engines after takeoff from Stockholm a few years ago.
Clearice on the upper surface got loose as the wing flexed after T/O and
was sucked into both engines. These suffered severe damage and the aircraft
glided to a opening where she "landed".

After this accident, a lot has been done to detect and/or remove this ice.
Among this, heater blankets glued on the wings.

The simplest is to touch the wing by your bare hands to feel if there is
ice. And to aid in this, this rough paint is used in a triangular shape.
The area is painted alternating rough and smooth, so you easier can feel
the difference. If you don't feel the difference, there might be clearice
on the wing.

You only find this "placard" on the inboard part of the wing, in front of
the engines. Guess why ! (Clue; the SAS MD80 with total engine failure).

Svein-Harald Jensen (