Re: Super 80 question

Date:         30 Apr 97 03:19:10 
From: (Gary Moffitt)
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> Yesterday I was flying home from DFW on American Airlines. I was seat at
> the wings leading edge of a MD83. I was looking out the window and noticed
> a placard that was about 1 foot any from the owerwing exit non-skid. It
> looked like a Delta wing shape and was striped. Does anyone know what is
> placard is for.

These stripes are basically non skid paint applied to the wing root in a
area where clear ice is expected to form.In icing conditions during
preflight, a pilot is supposed to run a plastic pole over these areas, if
the area is rough no ice is assumed to be present if the area is smooth
the area is presumed to be iced over and deicing is required. MD80's have
a habit of forming clear ice in this area due to cold soaked fuel in the
center fuel tank, this ice is oft hard to see because, well, its clear. It
also has a habit of breaking off when the wings flex during rotation and
with the engines directly inline the results can be fatal.

Gary S. Moffitt