Re: Can an Airbus 320/321/330/340 perform a controlled glide?

Date:         30 Apr 97 03:19:09 
From: (Mike Cross)
Organization: Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada
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Gary S. James ( wrote:
> >In the event of loss of all 5 computers in the Electrical Flight
> >Control System (EFCS) the crew can control pitch by moving the
> >Trimmable Horizontal Stabiliser (THS) using the pitch trim
> >wheels, and yaw (and roll to some extent) by operating the rudder
> >via the pedals.

> I fly A-320's for a major US airline and as part of our training we
> area required to "fly" the airplane using these backup modes.  I assure
> you, that from a practical point of view the airplane is virtually
> uncontrollable in this mode and would be incapable of making anything
> remotely resembling a controlled landing.

Fascinating!  I read an article from a chief A320 test pilot for a major
Canadian carrier who said he had flown (albeit in a simulator) a complete
landing with all flight computers down using the above mentioned methods.
He said the landing was surprisingly easy.

> Additionally, there has been one instance where all flight computers
> were turned off momentarily in flight.  Panic ensued... and the
> aircraft nearly went out of control.

Sure.  What airline is this?  How did they turn off the computers?
If these professional pilots panicked they should be fired because
obviously they are not up to the job.